Take a look at a real revolution

So Tea Party nation celebrates tonight with Rand Paul‘s big win in the Kentucky Senate GOP primary. As much as Paul represents nothing more than a momentary libertarian scream, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching him give a black eye to Mitch McConnell, the ultimate embodiment of cynicism.

But that’s just me being petty. I didn’t spend too much time gloating over Mitch getting his comeuppance before getting distracted by a news on the other side of the globe. You see, in Thailand, there’s a whole movement fighting for the kind of freedoms and democracy that every American enjoys in abundance today (well, unless you’re brown in Arizona…).?? I have no deep knowledge of what’s happening in Thailand. It could be that the Red Shirts are just as crazy as the Tea Partiers and their fellow Know Nothings. But God, watch them fight the machine and die for their cause. That’s a real revolution being fought by people who are clearly willing to risk more than an afternoon of their time waving “Obama = Stalin” posters.

We’re pretty spoiled here in America. Sure, the government isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what they’ve got in Thailand or Zimbabwe or Belarus. Let’s drop the “revolution” b.s. and have an honest dialogue about what it takes to be the richest, most powerful nation on the planet. It ain’t all about the gold standard, trust me.

One thing is for sure: Based on the photos I’ve seen of the typical Tea Party flag bearer, there’s no need to worry about a real revolution here in America. I don’t think they have the physical stamina, on average, to do much more than surf the channels between Fox News and the 700 Club.

Not fair? Yeah, probably. But show me a Tea Partier with the balls of these guys.

And hey, if Kentucky (my home state) is going to send another Republican to the Senate, I’ll take Rand Paul any day over the likes of Jim Bunning or Mitch McConnell.


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