Dear Mr. and Mrs. Costco


You were at the West Seattle Farmers Market around 12:30 p.m. or 1 p.m. today. Impeccably dressed, the kind of sporty casual wear ideal for the country club or brunch at that trendy bistro.

I didn't mean to pry, but you were both so vocal with your shock (SHOCK!) at the prices the farmers were charging today.?? One of you, pretty sure if was the missus, uttered the magic words, "You could get three-times as much of those at Costco."

Ack! I shouldn't have, but I asked Mr. Costco why he wouldn't want to support the local farmers who are growing food at the lowest possible environmental cost. "I don't care about the environmental cost," was his reply.


I've got nothing against Costco. I've shopped there. In the grand scheme of mega retail, Costco may well be the best choice.?? What got me, though, was the ridiculousness of your comments, Mr. and Mrs. C. Here you were, two well-groomed people of retirement age, complaining about a few bucks. A few bucks, mind you, that would go to small farmers (small businessmen and women!) growing very healthy food and charging a fair price for it. What's so hard to see about that, especially when you're living off the fat of the Medicare/Social Security/401K teat that I'll probably never get to enjoy myself?

I'm glad the wife and I spent three-times more for a whole chicken today than we would have it we bought it down the street at the Mega-Lo Mart. I know that chicken ate real food and contributed to a agricultural cycle free of drugs, disease and cruelty. It'll taste 10 times better, too.

As for you Mr. and Mrs. Costco, the farmers market is exactly that, a real, free market. It's not food that's been subsidized by the taxpayers with environmental costs written off for future generations to deal with. It's probably the most capitalistic thing I did today, shopping at the farmers market.



One thought on “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Costco

  1. It must be nice to be able to pay 3x more for your food, but many people cannot, despite how much we might prefer to buy local and support small farmers. And perhaps the well-groomed older couple does not have the large Social Security or 401k net you seem to believe is a given.

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