The Political Web Down Under


Australia has a national election coming up on August 21. The incumbent Labor Party is looking to make sufficient gains on the conservative Liberal Party and its coalition partners so that Labor can get its agenda though Australia’s bizarre parliament-congress mish-mash. The country’s political structures are so convoluted that that only observation I can make out from reading the press is that the incumbent Labor Party is potentially in trouble.

What I’ve been impressed by is the Australian media’s use of the web to cover the campaign. My favorite innovation is an interactive map built by The Daily Telegraph. The party leaders’ campaigning is plotted on the map day by day, with media and other information embedded in it.?? Readers can click backward in time to see how the campaign unfolded.?? (Click through the 3 photos attached to this post to see how the map works, or go to the link above and check it out).

I’m also a fan of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Campaign Pulse‘ page.


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