Two Questions That Are Winning 2010 for the GOP


Two questions are being used as a wedge to yank independents away from Democrats. While the questions in and of themselves won???t decide the election, they certainly put Democrats on the defensive.

1)?????????? How can the government make me buy health insurance? How is that constitutional?

2)?????????? Foreigners who came to America without going through proper channels broke the law. What is wrong with enforcing America???s immigration laws? Why oppose Arizona???s attempt to enforce the law?

Those two questions are powerful. We???re a liberty-loving, capitalist society, so Uncle Sam shouldn???t be able to tell me how to spend my money. ??Likewise, laws are laws, and why shouldn???t they be enforced?

The beauty of these questions, in my view, is that any effort to answer them results in a college lecture. If the answer isn???t as black and white as the question, it probably won???t convince many casually interested voters.

Beyond those questions are a host of other narratives that will motive conservative voters to organize and vote this fall ??? the president believes in socialist redistribution of wealth, the president is forcing the Pentagon to allow gays to serve openly, the Democrats in Congress want to hike my power bill and are spending my money recklessly.

One other could possibly be used to pick off independents ??? Afghanistan. Conservatives are already committed to the war, but they may question the Obama administration???s strategy. Independents may not be committed to the war per se, but they are likely uneasy with a struggle that is entering its tenth year and doesn???t seem to be getting better.

The independent who thinks Afghanistan is a mess now has a choice ??? support Democrats and their surge strategy, or vote against it. A vote against it doesn???t necessarily equal a vote for a larger commitment to the war (something some on the right may advocate).?? Conservatives can play it smart by stressing the failure of the current Afghanistan strategy without offering a defined counter-strategy.

But back to the two questions: Is there a response that can disarm them? Similarly, aside from repealing Obamacare and boosting border enforcement, what are the specific conservative policies to address health care and immigration?

(Photo: Fibonacci Blue via Flickr)


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