Signs sighted at Rally for Sanity


Too many signs to photograph them all.  But here are some slogans I saw on signs during my stroll through the crowd:

* Is this the line for Justin Bieber tickets?

* Don’t stomp me bro

* Support separation of head from ass

* Juan Williams makes me nervous

* Refudiate Hate

* I want my country forward

* I’m not afraid of gays, but I am afraid of bears

* It’s the insanity, stupid

* Beohner works hardon legislation

* Take a bath hippie

* Sarcasm is tyranny

* Red state blue state I still have my pro-state

* Where are your papers Jorge Washington?

* The founding fathers fathered anchor babies

* Confused senior citizen for sanity

* I have a man crush on Jon Stewart

* Beware! Reasonables are taking over the country

* Beware! The Dutch are taking over our country

* I like pizza

Check out photos of more Rally for Sanity signs.


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