In-state rivalries

Not enough is written about intra-party rivalries these days. Here’s a great exception from today’s POLITICO:

Locals compare the intrastate rivalry to another from Minnesota’s storied political past—the 1968 battle for the Democratic nomination, when Minnesota Sen. Eugene McCarthy challenged Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the one-time Minneapolis mayor.

“When I talk to my Democrat friends, they still remember who was on what side in ‘68,” said a veteran Minnesota Republican who expressed a desire to stay out of any potential conflict between Pawlenty and Bachmann. “These are deep and wide fissures within the party. When you talk to the old, really lefty liberals that were for McCarthy, that’s a lot like the Bachmann people this time.”

From “The Michele Bachmann – Tim Pawlenty Rivalry” by James Hohmann.


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