Amazon is the new Apple?

Brad Stone has a must-read article about Seattle-based Amazon in the newest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Stone had good access to founder Jeff Bezos, and the piece overall makes an interesting case for how Amazon and Apple are very similar.

Three nuggets might be of particular interest to Seattle-area readers:

Stone describes it as “a company that’s notoriously frugal with employees, who get few perks aside from 10 percent off 41,000 in annual purchases. Unlike Google and Apple, Amazon does not subsidize meals or provide free sodas. Even the pet dogs of Amazon employees get a better deal: There’s a bucket of free milk bones at the front desk of every company building in Seattle.”

The Kindle Fire was largely developed at Amazon’s Silicon Valley operation, but “There’s also another office of Kindle employees at Amazon’s new corporate campus in the South Lake Union district of Seattle, in a building nostalgically named Fiona. The group is cordoned off from other Amazon employees, whose company badges do not grant them access.”

As for the new campus in South Lake Union, “the company` is growing so fast, it’s already looking for even more space.”

Paging Paul Allen, real estate developer…


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