It won’t be close


The polls and pundits say the Obama-Romney race will be close — another 2004 or 2000, with the presidency won by a few points in a few key states.

I’m not so sure. I think this election will look like a landslide in the Electoral College count.  And right now, I think Romney wins.


It’s almost June, and there’s just not a lot of great economic news for Obama. Pretty soon, it will be too late for any summer or early fall economic growth to change people’s impressions that the current administration fumbled the ball on jobs.

The mood of the country seems pretty bleak. There’s enough hatred for Obama on the right to get lots of people out to the polls, and not a lot of enthusiasm on the left for fighting for a second Obama term.

That’s just my subjective feeling. The friends I’ve talked presidential elections with over the past 15 years will write this off as my usual pessimistic view of the Democrats.

And they might be right.

I’ll update this map whenever I take a notion to. And as with this one, my picks are purely intuitive, based on nothing more than that. It’s how I pick teams for my March Madness bracket (fwiw, I won the pool in 2011 and have come in 2nd or 3rd three or four times).

(Map courtesy


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