Belltown blight


A sad shock on the walk from work to the bus stop this evening when I saw that development had claimed a group of scraggly fruit trees on the edge of Belltown.

The trees bordered the large lot that sits between 5th and 6th avenues and Battery and Bell streets. It was a paid parking lot for most the time I’ve walked past, but the lot closed a few months back. A pile of rusty steel girders on the lot’s northwest edge hinted that development had halted with the recession; now the banks must have come through with the dough for construction.

Anyway, the trees — bitter cherry, or perhaps some species of plum — had not been cared for in years, so they looked rough on the outside. But they were healthy, and had the most spectacular flowers this spring. For a few weeks they brightened my mornings and evenings.

I’m glad I snapped a few photos of their last blooms.

There are two remaining trees on the Battery Street side of the lot, but I can’t imagine they’ll be left alone. But I hope they get a reprieve.

UPDATE, Wednesday a.m.: The last two trees were gone by the time I walked by on my way to work this morning…


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